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Web developer who loves to code and help others code :)

Techniques to speed up the website and improve conversion

1. Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript

2. Reduce HTTP requests

Call Stack, Web APIs, Event Queue, Micro-tasks, Macro-tasks

Prototypal Inheritance, Constructor function, Prototype Chain, ES6 Classes, Object.create() and Inheritance between “Classes”.

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What Is Object-Oriented Programming?

JavaScript SEO is part of technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that seeks to make JavaScript-heavy websites easy to crawl and index, as well as search-friendly.

JavaScript SEO Tips

1) Describe your page with unique titles and snippets

Interview Q/A with explanations — Strings, Numbers, Boolean, Objects, Arrays, setTimeout, “this” keyword.

Question 1:

var num = 8;
var num = 10;

Question 2:

function sayHi() {
var name = 'Ayush';
let age = 28;


Techniques to speed up your React App

How is the UI rendered in React?

Simple and Preflight Requests, Handling CORS Error

CORS — Why Is It Needed?


  • Debouncing is a programming practice used to ensure that time-consuming tasks do not fire so often, that it stalls the performance of the web page. The debounced function will ignore all calls to it until the calls have stopped for a specified time period. Only then will it call the original function.
  • Debouncing…

Create your own Redux - createStore, combineReducers, connect, and Provider.

Simple Representation of Redux data flow:

Redux Data Flow

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